The Coolest College Clubs You Didn’t Know Existed

When you think about college clubs and organizations, you probably think of the typical collegiate associations like Greek life, professional societies, and volunteer organizations. If you’re looking for a quirkier way to get involved, you’re in for a treat. Check out these cool college clubs you probably didn’t even know existed!



No, you don’t need to be a wizard to play quidditch. This Harry Potter inspired sport is actually offered at a variety of colleges! Interested? Check out this official list of teams and see if it’s offered at your school.




Smash Club

How about a club dedicated entirely to the Super Smash Bros. franchise? Certain schools, like The College of William & Mary, offer these kinds of interest groups where you can bond with others over a good video game tournament. Super fun!


Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies might be the most entertaining game of manhunt you’ll ever play. The game has both regular players and zombies, which must “eat” at least once every 48 hours to stay in the game. Watch out! If you’re tagged (eaten) by a zombie, you’ll become one! These games can be found on campuses all over. Click here for more info.




Bellydance Club

This isn’t your typical college dance team – that’s for sure! Bellydance Club is an organization offered at schools, such as North Carolina State University, that aims to increase knowledge of Middle Eastern dance history on campus. Get ready to shimmy!



Believe it or not, beekeeping clubs are actually pretty common on college campuses. You’ll get hands on experience maintaining honeybee hives, and learn about the efforts to sustain the dwindling bee population.




Circus Arts

Yep, you can learn the art of circus performing right on campus. Boise State University offers this highly unique club where members can learn uni-cycling, clowning, and how to juggle all sorts of objects – including chainsaws!


Medievalist Societies

Captivated by medieval culture? Campus societies like these not only encourage members to dress in period costume, but they often touch on battle techniques, music, dance, food and more!


We want to hear about the coolest college club that you’re a part of! Share your feedback in the comments below.





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