7 Awesome Internships You’ll Wish You Had Right Now

Interning doesn’t seem all that glamorous, right? You probably envision making hectic coffee runs and taking on tedious grunt work. But in reality, interning can be pretty cool! Just take a look at these awesome internships if you’re not convinced.


NASA – Johnson Space Center Internships

Getting to work at NASA has got to be an out-of-this-world experience. But all puns aside, the internships here are definitely filled with excitement. They even have an intern bucket list with fun tasks, such as riding in the Space Exploration Vehicle and watching “Apollo 13” from the actual Historic Mission Control!




Viacom – Nickternship

Okay, don’t act like you’re not still a fan of Spongebob! With a “Nickternship,” you’ll get to work right at Nickelodeon Studios where cartoon magic is created. Some awesome perks include networking with studio artists and free movie screenings at Paramount Pictures lot!


Playbill – Broadway Internships

Glitz and glamour is possible with an internship on Broadway! Positions range from research and marketing to design and production. Previous interns recall some really cool experiences, such as meeting celebrities and helping out with casting big productions like Hairspray Live! on NBC. One intern even mentioned a nap room in the office!


San Diego Zoo – Animal Care Internship

It’s basically enough being able to intern at one of the top tourist destinations in the country, but the fact that you get to work closely with all kinds of animals is the real icing on the cake! Working with elephants and giraffes on the regular is definitely something to brag about.


zookeeper feeding baby white tiger


Snapchat Internship

It’s not surprising that interning for a social media platform is tons of fun. Actual Snapchat interns recount awesome memories, like taking breaks at the Venice Beach Boardwalk and getting custom office geofilters on their birthdays. Plus, rumor has it that Snapchat interns make about $10,000 a month… Wow!!


Blizzard Entertainment – Events Intern

If you’re all about gaming, can’t get enough World of Warcraft, and live for Overwatch – why not build it into a career? Events interns at Blizzard get to work hands on with some big gaming industry events – like BlizzCon! Plus, Blizzard refers to their internships as quests, which is pretty cool.


ESPN Internship

Do you eat, sleep, and dream sports? Interning at ESPN isn’t just awesome because of its prominence in the sports industry – it’s awesome because it actually provides a cool and unique experience. Former ESPN interns have had chances to attend red carpets, the ESPY Awards, the Special Olympics, and more!


Do you have a really cool internship you want to talk about? Share your stories in the comments below!





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