Your Guide to the Ultimate Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t celebrate with the friends we appreciate. If you’re interested in planning a Friendsgiving feast, check out some of our best tips!


Step 1: Decide who will host. 

Hosting Friendsgiving is a big task, but your friends will be by your side to help. If you’re thinking about hosting, make sure you have enough space for all of your friends – this includes parking! It’s also a good idea to either include your roommates, or make sure they’re at least okay with having guests.


Step 2: Pick a date. 

When the holiday weekend arrives, many people are busy traveling or seeing family. Friendsgiving festivities typically take place on a day leading up to the holiday weekend so that there are less scheduling conflicts. If you’re hosting a big group, try using Doodle to find a common time when everybody is free.


Whole Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey


Step 3: Decide who makes what.

Typically the host will take care of the turkey, but of course it’s totally up to you and your friends! The turkey is the biggest task, so everyone else should make sure that all the side dishes and desserts are taken care of.


If you’re taking care of the turkey, get ready – you have an important job! Check out this handy guide on roasting a turkey.

Side Dishes

A good array of side dishes will complete the dinner. If you can’t decide who will bring what, try picking out of a hat. Check out some of these Thanksgiving side dish recipes to get some ideas.


Pumpkin. Need we say more? If you want to spice things up instead of doing a traditional pumpkin pie, check out some of these alternative pumpkin recipes.


Step 4: Enjoy!

Ready to feast? After all that work, you deserve it! Just remember that after all the fun is done, the host shouldn’t be the only one cleaning up. Another important reminder: don’t forget to bring home leftovers!


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