The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Indecisive Shopper

Holiday shopping is tough enough, but it’s even more challenging when you’re busy finishing up finals and finding time to travel home to your family. If you’re still in need of some gift ideas, check out our quick guide below!


Food inspired gifts for the cook.

What do the holidays and food have in common? They’re both great at bringing people together. Try gifting one of these school spirited kitchen essentials for the cook in your life.

We recommend: a cutting board, logo-ed mug, grilling tools, a custom candy dish, coasters, or some personalized hot sauce.


Gifts for your furry friend.

Pets deserve gifts, too! After all, they’re family and they fill our lives with constant joy.

We recommend: A doggy-sized school jersey, a good bone or chew toy, some cute logo-ed accessories, or a brand new dish.


Festive gifts.

Want to stick to a classic gift? You can’t go wrong with something festive and holiday-related.

We recommend: An ugly holiday sweater, personalized ornaments, a stocking, or a pretty nifty nutcracker.


Cozy gifts for the homebody.

A cozy gift is totally the way to go, no matter who you’re shopping for. Can you think of anyone that doesn’t enjoy a good nap?

We recommend: A sweatshirt blanket, fuzzy socks, a logo-ed pillow, or a stuffed animal.


Gifts for the beauty lover. 

Give the beauty lovers in your life something they can really use. The best part? Many beauty-related gifts already come in a holiday bundle!

We recommend: Bliss and Philosophy holiday gift sets.


Tech gifts. 

Tech gifts always get a great reaction. You can rest assured that these gifts will actually get some use!

We recommend: headphones, a portable charger, a Fitbit Alta, or a custom grill for speakers.


Fitness gifts for the health nut.

The holidays are when everyone starts thinking about fitness again. Maybe these gifts can help accomplish a New Year’s resolution!

We recommend: A logo-ed frisbee, no-slip gloves, a yoga block and mat, a school spirited football, or a reusable water bottle.


Now that you know what you want to get, it’s time to go shopping! Interested in any of the items above? Check in with your campus bookstore to see what they carry!





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