5 Items Every “First Apartment” Needs to Have

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Graduating from college and landing your first *real* job are already stepping stones to the real world, but nothing screams adulting quite like snagging your first apartment! Whether you’re moving to the suburbs or taking on the big city, sharing with a roommate or flying solo, you can’t skip out on certain essentials for your new digs. Check out the list of must-haves put together by our friends at Target.

1. Comfortable Seating

Dorm living was all about simplicity and making the most of a smaller space. Now that you’ve moved past your on-campus lifestyle, a plush bean bag in the corner is no longer going to cut it. A sofa–and even an armchair or two–is a must, and you can easily snag both on a budget. Check out these sofas under $350 and chairs under $150.



2. Wall Décor

Stark white walls can make an apartment feel a bit lonesome, so jazz them up by creating a gallery wall. It’ll make your new home feel more like you. Not sure where to start? Get inspired by these wall art ideas.



3. Extra Storage

Rejoice! You and your things are no longer confined to a single, shared dorm room. However, you’ll still need some organizers and shelving to keep away any clutter.



4. Dining

Now that you’ve got a kitchen that consists of more than just a mini fridge and microwave, you’ll need some dinnerware for those Pinterest recipes you’ll be whipping up. Dinner party, anyone?



5. Lighting

A floor lamp or desk lamp can help brighten any areas that don’t get much natural sunlight. Plus, they add a nice decorative touch! Light up your space with these lamps under $100.




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  1. MissMaryMac says:

    Don’t leave cabbage in the refrigerator uncovered.

  2. James Carter says:

    Looking for A Bose Entertainment System.

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