6 Questions to Ask Yourself at the Beginning of Each Term

After having all of break to relax and decompress, it’s time to start classes again with a fresh mindset. What will this term have in store for you? Only time will tell–but until then, take a look at these six questions you should ask yourself so that you can be sure it’ll be fulfilling.

1. What are my academic goals for this term?

Have you been inching closer to that 4.0 GPA? Maybe this is the term you’ll finally get it! Or, maybe you’re stuck in a rut because you have yet to decide on a major. Set some goals and then plan accordingly.


2. What are my personal goals for this term?

Your semester goals aren’t confined to just achieving scholarly success. College life entails more than that! For example, if you tend to be on the timid side, you can set a goal to break out of your shell more by chatting it up with classmates or attending campus events. Think of a goal that’s specific to your personal growth.



3. Is there anything holding me back or weighing me down?

Is there anything preventing you from achieving those goals you came up with? Setbacks can be anything from over-exerting yourself with too many responsibilities to having a fear of big changes–even positive ones.


4. Are all of my friendships positive and fulfilling?

Take the time to think about all of your BFF’s for a minute. Where does your mind go to? Is it those late night adventures, the countless inside jokes, and the shoulder you can always cry on? It should be something like that! But if there’s a certain friendship or two that sticks out as more exhausting than fulfilling, you might want to reconsider how much time you spend together.


5. Is there anything I can do to jump start my career?

Securing that diploma doesn’t necessarily mark the start of building your career. You can be proactive and jump start your career now by taking on internships, joining organizations on campus, and attending networking events. What can you do this term that will benefit you after graduation?


6. Am I still happy with my path?

You can bet you won’t come out of college the same person you were when you first stepped foot on campus freshman year. You’re growing, you’re learning, and you’re maturing. It’s important to re-evaluate your path as you trek through these four or so years. Maybe you’ll realize your passion is actually in a different major!

Can you think of anything we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Kim DeBar says:

    Do I have a mentor? Someone possibly in my desired career field or on campus.

  2. Deborah Revis says:

    Because I am much, much older than the students attending the university, it was my chose to take on-line classes but am interested in programs that could help me just in case the lesson plans become overwhelming, any ideas?

    • Sandybn says:

      Hi Deborah! Are there any programs in particular you’re interested? Study tips or time-management, perhaps?

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