7 Cozy Essentials Your Dorm Room Needs This Winter

Winter is in full swing and the more the temperature drops, the more we get excited to spend the night in with our roommates. You may have already prepped for these nights with the perfect hot chocolate recipes and a list of shows you want to marathon on Netflix–but is your dorm room as prepared as you are? Take a look at the cozy essentials we suggest adding to your room this winter.



1. Robe.

Are you the type that likes it cool while you sleep, yet you hate stepping out of your warm bed and into the icy air each morning? The struggle is real. Try keeping a plush robe right next to your bed so you can throw it on before you get up for the day. Getting ready for class will be so much more comfortable.


2. Area rug.

A cold tile floor against your bare feet first thing in the morning is quite the wake up call. Make sure your area rug is right by your bed so you can avoid this rude awakening each day. Your feet will thank you.


3. Slippers.

Speaking of cold floors, slippers are another great winter essential. Even if your room is carpeted, a good pair of slippers is great for some extra comfort. It’s basically like stepping onto a cloud each time you walk around your room. Talk about feeling cozy!


4. Throw blanket.

Picture this: It’s a cold winter night and you decide to have a laid back evening indoors with your roommate and some movies. Now imagine how much more comfortable that would be with the perfect knit throw blanket wrapped around you. Life changing.



5. Thermal curtains.

If your dorm room generally tends to be on the chilly side, insulated thermal curtains can help. They’ll keep those cold drafts from your windows at bay so that you can stay warm and cozy.


6. Flannel sheets.

Waking up shivering in the middle of the night is the worst, and unfortunately space heaters are a big ‘no’ in dorm rooms. Flannel is a great insulator and tends to be warmer than your regular cotton sheets. You might want to consider making the switch this winter.


7. Humidifier.

Cold winter air can get incredibly dry. That means you’re more likely to get dry skin, a scratchy throat, and even nose bleeds. Yikes! A simple humidifier can do the trick. Cozy air for the win!


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