The Graduation Bucket List: 15 Things to Do Before Graduating This Year

Graduating college is a bittersweet feeling. You’ve accomplished so much, yet it’s also the end of a big chapter. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but it makes it a whole lot easier when you know you’ve made the most of your time. End your college career on a good note with these 15 bucket list items!

bucket list1. Catch up with old friends.

You know your freshman year roommate you haven’t talked to since moving out of your first dorm? Or how about those buddies you made at orientation back in the day? Now is a great time to catch up with them.


2. Find a new hobby.

This is a time of many changes, so why not add a new hobby to all of the exciting experiences you’re encountering? College is the perfect time to try something new because many campuses have the resources you need readily available. You won’t always have access to a free rec center or a college art studio, so take advantage of this while you still can!


3. Visit your favorite campus lunch spot.

You can’t leave school without getting one last meal at that cafe you’ve made so many memories at over the past four years!



4. Start applying for jobs.

You might not feel ready to let go of your college experience, but it’s time to start thinking about the new experiences ahead of you!


5. Thank your professors.

Your professors have hopefully successfully prepared you to take on your dream career. Show your appreciation and thank them! Having a strong relationship with your professors is great way to network, and you may need them for a letter of recommendation if you decide to pursue grad school.


6. Make a scrapbook.

Getting all your friends together to make scrapbooks is a great bonding experience. You can reminisce and laugh as you look at old photos, and it’ll be the perfect book of memories to look back on in years to come.


7. Pull one last all-nighter.

Just for old time’s sake, pull one last all-nighter with your friends! When else is this going to be completely acceptable again?


8. Take pictures at your college’s landmarks.

These are pictures you’ll always look back on and remember your school by. Grab your friends and take some funny photos as well!



9. Decorate your grad cap.

Show off your creativity by decorating your cap in a fun and original way. It’s a fun way to get excited for graduation, and you’ll keep the cap forever as a memory.


10. Volunteer.

With so many organizations and events on college campuses, finding a cause to volunteer for is so easy! You have more free time throughout the day while you’re in college, and you’re surrounded by your friends that can make any situation fun, so it’s the perfect time to help out a cause.


11. Have an epic meal.

In college it’s totally acceptable to eat the most ridiculous and outrageous meals. Want some ice cream on the side of the cheeseburger pizza that you already covered in potato chips? Go for it.


12. Explore surrounding cities.

You may have gotten to know your college campus like the back of your hand over the past four years, but there is so much more out there to explore! Don’t let your campus be your safety net – take a road trip with some friends to surrounding cities, and see what kinds of new experiences come your way.



13. Go to a career fair.

If you have yet to go to a career fair, start looking out for them. This is a great opportunity to start preparing for life after college.


14. Soak up some sun on the quad.

You know those nice spring days where everyone on campus is out on the quad playing catch and reading books? Take advantage of these days while you still can! You’ll need some sun, fun, and relaxation before the stress of finals and graduation sets in.


15. Donate old clothes.

The end of a big chapter in your life means it’s the perfect time to get rid of old belongings. Go through your clothes and toss anything you don’t wear into a donation pile. Chances are, you’ve probably filled your drawers with tons of over sized college t-shirts you got for free at some campus event. Time to toss the things you no longer wear, and make room for new professional clothing.

bucket list

College might be ending, but the memories will last forever. Wherever life may take you, always remember to enjoy the ride! Let us know what’s on your graduation bucket list in the comments below or on Twitter.






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