Must-Have Throw Rugs for Every Budget

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Whether you’re settling into your new college dorm, decorating your very first apartment, or just looking to spruce up your current space, you can’t forget the one décor element that ties everything together—throw rugs. Check out our top picks from Target below.

Flatweave Textured Area Rug

Flatweave rugs are always a fan favorite—they’re easy to vacuum and fit perfectly under desks and chairs. We love how the rug below intertwines multiple colors without using a loud pattern. The texture is what makes the real statement here. Get this 5’x7′ area rug for $99.99, or browse through more 5’x7′ flatweave area rugs under $100.


Herringbone Accent Rug

A little bit simple, a little bit quirky—it’s the best of both worlds. Another bonus? Grey goes great with almost any color, so it’s sure to be a match for your room. Get this rug starting at $24.99, or check out more accent rugs under $25.


Plush Shag Area Rugs

If your room is already decked out in patterns—whether you’re rocking striped curtains, floral throw pillows, or something else of that nature—a solid colored rug may be the perfect balance. This shag rug starting at $29.99 is certainly a treat for your feet, and it comes in colors like aqua, grey, cream and coral. Not quite what you’re looking for? Search through more plush shag area rugs under $50.


Fretwork Textile Rug

On the other hand, sometimes a throw rug is the perfect way to add a patterned element to an otherwise plain room. The simple pattern in this Garland Fretwork Rug does the trick, and—with a price point starting at $29.99—it’s pretty cost-friendly as well! If this pattern isn’t your style, you can browse through more textile design rugs under $50.


Bold Print Woven Rug

We have to admit—we’re seriously fans of the fringe. Not to mention, the color and bold print are totally winning us over. Get this one starting at $39.99, or find the perfect shade for your room with these additional blue and green 5’x7′ area rugs under $100.


Faux Fur Accent Rug

Faux fur has a way of instantly making your space look like a million bucks. Can you say glamorous? Get this one starting at $65, or browse through more faux fur accent rugs.


Aztec Print Rug

Your throw rug doesn’t need to be full of color to make a statement. Here’s the perfect example of a neutral-colored area rug with a pattern that does a lot of talking. Add this addition to your space for a price starting at $89.99, or find more neutral printed 5’x7′ area rugs from $49.99.


Didn’t quite find the rug you were looking for? No worries. Target has plenty of more rugs under $100 that you can choose from. It’s a match waiting to happen!

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