Sneaky Ways to Save Money Without Even Noticing

We all can benefit from saving more money, but the thought of creating extensive budgets, tracking spending, and always comparing prices gets overwhelming. Let’s start off simple—check out these seven easy ways to save without even noticing.

Remove stored credit card numbers.

You know how it goes—you see something online that you just have to have, and thanks to autofill, you complete your order before you even have a chance to think about it! Those impulse purchases hurt. You’re less likely to make these rash decisions if you have to dig through your wallet and find your card first.



Sign up for rewards programs.

If there’s a place you frequently shop at, it might be worth seeing if they have a rewards program. Basically, you’ll get perks just for being a regular customer—think coupons, discounts, and possibly even freebies!


Set up automatic deposits into your savings account.

Building your savings is much easier when you’re actually adding money regularly. This doesn’t have to be a task, either! Just set up your direct deposit so that those paychecks head right to your savings instead of your checking account.



Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and memberships.

Having a gym membership is great, but keep in mind that they’re billing you monthly—even if you never show up! Cancel it, then revisit the idea later when you’re ready to start back up again. What about that subscription box you get in the mail every month? It’s definitely fun opening a package of surprise goodies, but pay attention to how much you actually use the items you’re receiving. If it’s not all that much, cancel it.


Carry cash during shopping trips.

You may not even realize it, but you might be spending more during your shopping trip if you’re using your card. Carrying cash gives you a better visual of just how much money you’re actually dishing out at the register. Plus, you can easily put a limit on how much you’re willing to spend by only carrying that amount of cash. You can’t do that with a card!



Make use of Tupperware.

Leftovers are your friend! When your roommate asks if you want to join in on their takeout order, we have to admit it’s pretty tempting to say “yes.” Fighting temptation will be much easier if you know you still have leftovers from last night’s big dinner waiting for you.


Buy in bulk. 

As long as you know the product won’t go to waste, try to buy in bulk. It’s typically cheaper that way, and you also won’t have to make shopping trips as frequently. Less shopping trips = less impulse purchases.

Can you think of any more suggestions? Share your ideas with our readers in the comments below!


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