5 Job Skills to Work on This Year

Building skills for your career is an ongoing process. No matter how seasoned you are at your job, there is always something more to learn and improve on. Get started now with these five skills that are a must in the workplace.

1. Communicating effectively.

Communication is huge in every career, and you’ll need to master this art both in-person and through email. Some things you’ll need to keep in mind are maintaining confidence in your voice, keeping professional body language, and communicating with clarity, conciseness and open-mindedness. Try practicing at career fairs, networking events, or even just at your job.


2. Finding a time management strategy that works for you.

No matter what career field you’re diving into, effectively managing your time is important. Employers look for candidates that can handle fast-paced environments and are able to multitask. Figure out the time management method that works best for you—such as creating to-do lists or blocking out your time.



3. Conquering public speaking.

It’s totally normal to get nerve wracked by the thought of public speaking, but you can calm those nerves by working on this skill now rather than after you’re assigned a big presentation at work. Try taking a public speaking course, or just honing this skill through presentation opportunities at school.


4. Finessing your writing and grammar skills. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve landed a job in journalism or accounting, writing skills are essential for appearing more credible and professional. Your job may require tasks like sending emails, compiling reports, creating presentations, and more. Start out by building your vocabulary and refining your grammar.


5. Mastering Microsoft Excel.

There is so much more to Excel than just entering data and utilizing simple equations. You may be an expert at that aspect, but that’s really only touching on the basics. Start expanding your knowledge with these resources.


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  1. Sohaib says:

    Wow multi tasking a skill I have to work in. Now days it’s very important.

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