5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Group Projects

Group projects…we all love to hate ’em. The good news is that they actually don’t have to be all that stressful. Just take a look at our tips below!

1. Effortlessly find a time to meet with a scheduling app.

Finding a time to meet outside of class is important, but it’s always a battle trying to work with multiple busy schedules. An easy tool like Doodle is all you need to take away this stress. Simply have the group input when they’re available, and the app will find a common time among all members. Easy!


2. Avoid confusion by assigning clear-cute roles.

Group projects are notorious for having that one key member who pulls the weight of everything, and that’s not fair. It’s easy to peg those other members as lazy, but the real issue may just be due to a lack of structure.

Everyone should be assigned a definitive role of what they’re expected to contribute. Keep in mind, this includes more than simply saying, “Do section one.” Work with the group to figure out exactly what each member’s section should cover.



3. Stay on track by making use of deadlines.

Of course, your professor will assign a due date for the entire project—but your group should also come up with your own deadlines. Put some goals in place for everyone to accomplish before each group meeting. This way if someone starts slacking, you’ll be able to catch it before it’s too late!


4. Communicate as a group to keep everyone in-the-know.

It’s helpful keeping open communication with your group outside of your meetings. Exchange phone numbers and create a group chat, or try starting a Facebook group. Everyone should be on the same page, so even the littlest questions and comments should be communicated with the entire group.


5. Enlist the help of your professor if you have uncertainties.

Believe it or not, your professor likely understands how tricky group projects can get. If any concerns arise throughout your work—from not understanding the requirements to an issue with a group member—sit down with your professor and have a chat. They’ll be more than willing to guide you in the right direction.


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