7 Tools to Help Fine-Tune Your Time Management Skills

Ever catch yourself thinking about how there aren’t enough hours in a day? Life gets busy, but the right time management skills can make a dramatic difference. Check out some of our favorite tools to help you fine-tune this essential skill!

1. Manage important tasks by using Todoist.

A to-do list always sounds like a good idea, but sometimes tracking everything on a piece of paper or a note on your phone just isn’t practical. That’s where Todoist comes in. You can access this digital to-do list across mulitple platforms—like your web browser, phone or email. You can also break down these tasks by priority level, and set up the app so you’ll get reminders as needed. Pretty handy, right?



2. Stay focused on your work by using StrictWorkflow.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever procrastinated. Everybody? Okay, us too. Everyone falls victim to little distractions sometimes. Next time you sit down to study, try temporarily blocking any distracting sites (Netflix…we see you.) with this Chrome extension. Don’t worry, you’ll get a short break every 25 minutes so you can still get your fix of entertainment.


3. Never miss a commitment with Google Calendar reminders.

Do you ever get so caught up in a crazy schedule that you totally forget to do something important? Trying to mentally remember every responsibility when you’re so busy is a headache waiting to happen. Try downloading the Google Calendar app and setting up reminders on your phone. Less stress!


4. Find more time in your day by creating an activity log.

You might be surprised how much of your day you spend on time-consuming tasks that take away from more important responsibilities. Some people swear by activity logs. Basically, it’s a written record of how you’re using your time each day, and it’s perfect if you struggle getting all of your work done at your job or internship. After awhile, you’ll start noticing easy ways you can save more of your time. Get started with this guide.



5. Keep an organized schedule by using a planner.

We’re firm believers that using a planner is a must! You might be given a syllabus for each class at the beginning of the term, but the best way to stay on top of due dates is by compiling them all into one planner. Another bonus? You can also pencil in other important parts of your schedule—like study sessions, meetings and appointments.


6. Stay motivated to get things done with Wonderful Day.

What if we told you that increasing your productivity is possible with a super simple app? Let’s say you want to make sure you get in a study session every Wednesday. Simply enter the task in the app and mark it with a green dot every time you complete it. But be careful—missing a day will give you a red dot instead. The trick is to keep your streak of green dots going until it becomes a habit. It’s like a game!


7. Make sure you have time for your personal needs with Balanced.

Time-management doesn’t just mean making time for all of your work. It’s also about making time for the little things that matter to you, like reading a book or visiting friends. This app is basically a daily motivator to fit in some “you” time and will help you track your progress. It’s easy losing sight of these simple pleasures when you’re so busy!

Do you know of any great time management tools that we didn’t list? Share your suggestions with our readers in the comments below.


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