Why You Should Consider Finding a Tutor

You’ve probably heard of your university’s tutoring services, but have you actually considered taking advantage of it? Even if you don’t have failing grades, we’ve got some pretty good reasons why you should look into this extra help. Take a look!



You’ll get that face-to-face time you can’t get in class.

Huge class sizes are definitely a perk when you want to sit in class unnoticed after a night of no sleep—amiright? But as sweet as that is, sometimes you need that undivided attention when you’re learning. Your tutor can help with your specific needs at your preferred pace. If you’re a bit intimidated by a one-on-one meeting, don’t sweat it! Look for a tutoring session that meets in a small group instead.


It’s an easy way to keep you on track.

Let’s just get this out there—procrastination is hard to beat. You might tell yourself you’re going to study when you get home from class, but it’s not that easy when your bed is calling your name for a nap! If anything, meeting with a tutor ensures you’ll get in some much-needed studying.


Your grades will jump.

This one is obvious, but we had to mention it. Grades are a big deal! Whether you haven’t been doing so hot, or you just want to do even better, a tutor can help make it happen. Sometimes when you’re covering a ton of material at once in your lecture, it can feel more like you’re just memorizing rather than actually learning. A tutor can actually take the time and help you understand what your classes are teaching you. That’ll help you out in the long run!


You’ll feel more confident.

That nervous feeling you get before a big exam isn’t fun. Imagine how great it would feel to start each exam with confidence! You deserve that peace of mind.


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  1. Angel james says:

    How do I get one

    • Sandybn says:

      Hi Angel! Many colleges have tutoring services available right on campus. Your school website is a great place to start researching!

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