4 Ways to Handle End-Of-Term Burnout

Burnout is all too common at the end of the term. You just endured weeks of classes and projects, and suddenly you have to study everything you learned throughout the entire semester! If you’re ready to call it quits, take a look at these tips on handling your end-of-term burnout.

1. Break out your study sessions.

With final exams nearing, the amount of studying you have to get done can easily seem impossible. Just the thought of sitting down and tackling it all probably wants to make you curl into a ball and take a nap, right?

Breaking out everything into small, planned study sessions can help make this immense amount of work seem much more doable. Having a plan not only gives you some peace of mind that there is time for everything, but it also ensures that you’re only taking on a little bit of work at a time. No big cram sessions = less stress.



2. Make time for things you enjoy.

Does it feel like all you do is eat, sleep and study? If so, of course you’re feeling burnt out! No matter how busy you are, it’s important to make time for relaxing activities that you enjoy—like going for walks, meditating, etc. This is your time to have fun and decompress…even if it’s only for a small part of your day.


3. Take a tech break.

You might be thinking, “What is staying off my phone going to do?” Actually, it can help a lot! Often times we’re so used to just picking up our phones and scrolling through social media whenever we have a free moment. It’s basically an instinct! It’s good to unplug for a bit sometimes, though. If you don’t reach straight for the tech every time you’re not doing anything, you’ll actually have time to focus on yourself and enjoy activities that will help you unwind.


4. Find motivation.

A good burst of motivation is great fuel to pull through that burnt out feeling. What motivates you the most? We suggest reading through some motivational quotes, or checking out these apps that are built to give you that extra push.

Do you have any tips we didn’t mention? Drop your ideas in the comments below!


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