5 Easy Ways to Get More Organized This Week

Life is busy, and it often seems like getting organized is some daunting task that just takes up more time than it’s worth. But what if we told you that you can easily get more organized this week? Get started with these five tips.

1. Store away out-of-season clothing.

A disorganized closet is the worst—especially if you’re working with a smaller space (we can’t all be fortunate enough for walk-in closets!). Now that warmer weather is here, pack up all of your bulky winter clothing and keep them in a storage bin that you can slide under your bed. While you’re at it, go through your spring and summer clothing as well and toss anything you no longer want.



2. Sort through old assignments.

The end of the school year is nearing, and by now you’ve probably accumulated quite a bit of paperwork from your classes…some of them dating back all the way to September! Send any old assignments straight to the recycling bin this week.


3. Give everything a home.

Do you ever get caught in this cycle where you clean up your room, only for it to turn back into a mess just days later? That’s because it’s so easy to just carelessly throw your belongings around rather than scope out an empty spot every time you need to put something away. Try assigning all of your belongings their own designated home. When you’re done using something, you’ll know exactly where to put it without even thinking!



4. Return unused items.

Speaking of cleaning up, how many items do you own that have just been sitting around collecting dust since the day you bought them?  Let this be the week where you finally make all of those returns.


5. Start writing things down.

It’s crazy how much more organized you can feel if you simply write things down rather than memorizing your responsibilities. From creating to-do lists to organizing everything in a planner, it’ll be a nice relief when you transfer all the that mental clutter onto a sheet of paper. Start this week!

Do you have any more ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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