Have-to-Have Desk Accessories Under $25

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Can your work space use a little bit of TLC? From organizational tools to decorative elements, the right accessories can turn your desk into a productive and creative environment. Take a look at some of our favorites from Target!

Desktop Storage Unit – $14.99

The only thing cleaner than this white and gold design will be your desk after storing your supplies here. The unit features five movable compartments where you can keep pens, notepads, paperclips and more. Find even more useful desk tool holders here. Goodbye, desktop clutter!

Ceramic Cup Trinket Dish – $7.99

How charming is this ceramic dish? It’s great as a pencil holder, but you can even get more creative with how you use it. Try throwing in some makeup brushes…or, use it as a small planter! If this cute cup isn’t your style, you can find more desk tool holders here.

Marble Journal with Gold Foil – $6.99 

Swap out your usual writing pad for something with a trending aesthetic touch, such as this journal that gives a whole new meaning to the term, “marble notebook.” The simple, white pattern even makes it easy to match it with the rest of your desk décor! Not a fan of the marble? Pick out your favorite journal here.

Magazine File – $12.99

Don’t let the name deceive you—you can store more than an issue of Vogue here. A magazine file is a must if you’ve got notebooks, binders or textbooks taking up valuable space on your desk. Find the right magazine file for your belongings here.



Desk Drawer Organizer – $6.99

The top of your desk might be clean and pristine, but what if you opened the drawers? Yikes! This spot might seem like a sneaky place to hide clutter, but finding your favorite pen under a mess of supplies is quite the task. Keep your work space in tip-top shape from the inside out with this drawer organizer, or find similar organizer trays here.

Marble Tape Dispenser – $9.99

A modern touch of marble makes this look less like a necessary supply, and more like a chic decoration. Pretty elegant for a tape dispenser, huh? Get the matching stapler here, or shop more stapler and tape holder styles here.

Post-It™ Notes Holder + Photo Frame – $6.69

Save some surface space with this multi-functional accessory that not only holds your Post-It™ Notes, but also doubles as a picture frame. What will you display? Pop in one of your photographic favorites—like a pic with your besties or your adorable, furry companion. Browse through more Post-It™ products here.


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  1. Kim says:

    what about adults returning to school that need a makeshift office/study area at home?

  2. Candy says:

    The magazine file for books is a really good idea 👍

  3. Bobbie Oaks says:

    All of the space savings ideas are great, as well as the prices.

  4. Iris says:

    Great ideas and prices for home/student office.

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