8 Ways You Can Tell It’s Finals Week On Campus

Late nights studying, searching far and wide for last-minute extra credit, copious amounts of caffeine…some things about finals week are almost guaranteed. Check out these eight telltale signs your campus has officially entered this inevitable week.

1. Everybody is rocking the effortless sweatpants and messy bun look.

There’s no time for fashion this week.


2. The library is swarmed with students for the first time all semester.

It may even be your first time there.


3. All-nighters are becoming the norm for more students.

Sleep is for the weak, right?


4. Your Instagram feed is filled with hilarious memes of the finals-week struggle.

They’re almost a little bit too relatable.


5. De-stress events start popping up on campus.

There may even be puppies you can pet at your campus bookstore!


6. You start seeing faces in class that you’ve never seen before.

Do they really expect to pass?


7. Your favorite coffee spot has an endless line.

Caffeine is a must this week.


8. You feel a sense of comradery with other struggling students walking by on campus.

“We’re all in this together.” – Troy Bolton, but also you.

The struggle is real, but hang in there! Summer break is within reach.


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