Creative Gifts for Grad Party Season

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year! This year’s grads are all grabbing their diplomas and getting ready for big career moves. The rest of us? We’re left preparing for the endless amounts of grad parties coming up this summer.

If you still have yet to find the perfect gift, check out some of our selections below.

DIY Diploma Money Jar.

Crafty gifts are always a winner because they show you actually cared enough to put some time and effort into your present. Not to mention, the mortar board and diploma theme is perfect! Check out CrafyMorning for instructions.



“Then & Now” Frame.

Graduation is a pretty nostalgic time, so your graduating companion will love looking back at how far he or she has come. Get the one below here, or DIY your own—it’s easy!



Personalized Graduation Throw Blanket.

Anything involving napping is sure to be a home run. But really, it’s sentimental and comfortable. How can you go wrong? Find the one below here.



Classic Grad Stuffed Animal.

It’s simple and a classic…Sometimes that works best! Plus, anything personalized with a school logo automatically makes it a good grad gift. School pride is everlasting! Check your campus bookstore’s site for availability.



Inspirational Pop Up Book Art.

This time of year is all about being inspired to think big and create your own path. Can you think of a better way to inspire a graduating book-lover? Didn’t think so. Order yours here.



Graduation Socks.

Personalized tees and hoodies might be a thing of the past. It’s all about socks now! Grab the ones below here.



Logo-ed Ornament.

‘Tis not the season just yet, but people collect ornaments year round that remind them things like major milestones, vacations they’ve took, or just representations of their interests. They’ll be prepared to sport their school pride once the holiday season does roll around. Check your bookstore’s site for availability.



Personalized Graduation Journal.

Here’s another one that’s simple, but can mean the world to someone. The cover is personalized just for the grad. The inside? That’s up to you. Fill it with photos, memories, or inspirational quotes. Order the one below here, or create your own DIY version.

Do you have any other creative ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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