5 Health Tips to Keep in Mind This Finals Week

During finals week, there are two main things on everyone’s mind: passing exams and making it to the end of the week. Just don’t forget about one more very important thing…your health! Take control with these five tips.

1. Don’t feel guilty if you’re not always studying.

You might think that if you’re not spending all of your free time studying, then you’re doing something wrong. Not true! Failing to make time for your friends or relaxing activities that you enjoy can lead to some serious stress and burnout. Make sure you’re studying effectively so that you’re not stuck in the books all day long. You’ll need that extra time to re-coop between exams.



2. Avoid sugary energy drinks.

You’ve got a lot on your plate this week, and energy drinks do sound like an easy solution when you need to keep yourself going. We recommend finding a healthier alternative, though. Energy drinks are loaded with sugar and can give you uncomfortable jitters along with a pretty nasty crash. You’re better off keeping energized by staying hydrated with water, or getting a caffeine fix with a cup of coffee or tea.


3. Choose your study snacks wisely.

Speaking of finding healthy alternatives, you might want to skip out on indulging in heavy, salt-loaded study snacks. These can leave you bloated, tired, and unable to focus. Instead, opt for something like fruit or granola bars. They’ll satisfy any distracting hunger without weighing you down.


4. Don’t neglect sleep!

Sticking to your same consistent sleep schedule is important this week. That means trying to stay away from those notorious finals-week all nighters. Messing with your sleep cycle can throw you off and leave you feeling drained. Plus, a lack of sleep can make you more prone to catching a distracting cold, and it can affect your memory when you sit down for your exams!


5. Avoid the finals week slump and stay active.

When you have an especially busy week at school, do you ever notice yourself getting into a somewhat “stationary” routine? Let’s see—you head to the library and study all day, you go to your class and take a long exam, and then you head back to your room and chill out on your bed or couch. Sound familiar? It is a busy week, but try to make time to stay active and get your blood flowing—even if that just means walking to your classes.


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    I recommend avoiding sugary energy drinks AND sugary coffee concoctions, HOWEVER there are plenty of healthy alternatives to the stereotypical energu drink. I’ve studied energy drink ingredients for 10 years while I was in college and grad school. Some healthy alternatives for people who want to consume caffeine for its ability to improve focus should consider energy drinks where the caffeine comes from green tea extract. V8 makes one like this. There’s also an energy drink called Nawgan that has citocholine in it. Citocholine is used in studies on age-related cognitive decline and citocholine doses of 250mg citocholine improved memory and focus in participants.
    [email protected], Biochemist and Food Scientist, Energy Drink expert and book author.

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