9 Planners That Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level

One thing in life is for certain: your planner always has your back. Seriously—they keep you on top your appointments, keep track of your goals, and they give you that extra nudge when a due date approaches. It’s no wonder why so many people are planner-obsessed.

With the new semester nearing, it’s just about time to get your hands on your next planner. Here’s what we love.

Something Dreamy

From geodes to jewel tones, we’re loving these dreamy academic planners. Besides its stellar look, these academic journals have helpful features ranging from to-do lists to semester schedules.

From left to right: Blue Geode planner by Recollections, Blue Marble by Pierre Belvedere, and Gold & Turqouise by Recollections.


Something Fun

Your planner can be its own accessory, just as long as it has a pattern that pops! Besides keeping you organized, the black spotted planner even features inspirational quotes. It’s always nice getting some extra motivation while you work, right?

From left to right: Banana Leaf planner by TF Publishing, Black Spot planner by 1canoe2, Floral planner by AT-A-GLANCE.


Something Classic

You can’t go wrong with a solid-colored classic. These planners get the job done, and that’s all that matters.

From left to right: Coral planner by Inkwell Press, Navy Classic planner by Pierre Belvedere, Coral & Mint planners by DiVOGA

Ready to get organized? Check out your campus bookstore and see what kinds of fun planners they have to choose from.


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  1. Vicki Khourie says:

    It would be great if the prices were listed with the items so you could figure what you can afford.

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