10 Uplifting Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram

If you’re anything like us, you probably scroll through Instagram right when you wake up, before you doze off at night, and basically whenever you have a free moment. No shame! But since you spend so much time there, why not add something inspirational to your feed?

We’re sharing our favorite uplifting accounts below. Choose your favorites and give them a follow!

1. @stronginsideout

With a mix of inspirational quotes and thoughtfully-captioned lifestyle photography, Amy Clover promotes inner strength and self love in each post on her profile.



2. @notesontheway

Poet t.r.h.’s profile offers a collection of photographed hand-written notes that are adorned with inspirational quotes from her own poetry, influential celebrities, and authors.



3. @thegoodquote

Using a basic and clean design, this page offers straightforward motivational quotes. No images. No fillers. Just the good stuff.



4. @bethostern

Beth Stern, with the help of her husband Howard, fosters cats of all ages and documents their journeys—from their daily life in the Stern household to the day they meet their forever families.



5. @askamillionaire

Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Shawn Thomas knows that anybody can reach his level of success with enough hard work and motivation. He uses his account to offer inspiration and non-sugar-coated advice.



6. @biggalyoga

Valerie Sagun understands that washboard abs and perfect gym selfies aren’t always the best #fitspiration. She’s inspiring people of all body types to chase a healthy lifestyle as she defies beauty standards and documents her yoga practices on Instagram.



7. @rmdrk

You’ve likely come across some of R.M. Drake’s viral poetry on social media before, so why not follow the source? You’ll get a dose of beautiful quotes and poetry that seemingly capture your feelings perfectly.

8. @happsters

Kelli Pease’s bubbly personality is apparent through the happy, lighthearted quotes on her page…but that’s not all she posts! Every Friday, followers are treated to a cute puppy picture. Because, why not?



9. @humansofny

Humans of New York famously got its start on Facebook, where photographer Brandon Stanton posted photographs of random passerby’s who offered to share their story. Not big on Facebook? Get your dose of inspiring stories through HONY’s Instagram page instead.



10. @perfectsayings

There’s something comforting and uplifting about realizing we’re all humans going through the same motions (no matter how silly)! This account shares those lighthearted thoughts that’ll make you say, “Wow, me too.”

Which uplifting accounts do you follow? Share your faves in the comments below.


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