8 Things You DON’T Need to Pack for College

Packing for college can be a daunting task. It practically feels like you’re moving your entire life to a new location, and there’s no way all of that is fitting into your mom’s SUV. The good news? There are probably some things you can knock off of your packing list. Take a look!

1. Out-of-season clothing.

You’re already lugging a ton of things over to your dorm on move-in day, so definitely save room where you can. Bring a few warmer articles of clothing for chilly nights, but you can leave most of your winter clothing at home for now. You can always grab your wool sweaters and winter jackets when you stop home for Thanksgiving.



2. Every T-shirt you own.

A couple of your favorite tees are definitely enough. The rest? Leave them at home! With so much free merch offered at campus events and game days, you’ll start noticing your collection of T-shirts growing very quickly once you’re on campus.


3. All of your books, video games, other entertainment. 

Unless you plan on lugging a whole bookcase to your dorm (please, dont!), bringing your entire collection of books, DVDs, and video games isn’t a good idea. Not only is space tight, but you probably won’t even need this extra entertainment. A lot goes on in college, so you’ll be too busy having fun in other ways!


4. Printer.

A lot of campuses offer free printing for students, and these printers are located all throughout campus. Save the precious space and leave your printer at home.


5. Laundry basket.

Okay, don’t get us wrong — you will need a hamper of some sort! We recommend sticking to a laundry bag, though. They’re less bulky than a big basket, and they’re much more practical when you need to haul your dirty clothes all the way to the laundry room.



6. Extra appliances.

You might think a mini fridge and a microwave isn’t enough, but don’t forget about your meal plan! Things like Keurigs, toasters and blenders can get left behind. Save those for when you snag an apartment!


7. Additional furniture.

You can definitely get by with just the furniture that’s already provided in your dorm. If anything, grab a beanbag or a folding chair if you think you’ll have friends over often. Things like night stands, tables, and bulky shelving units aren’t needed.


8. Desk decor. 

When it comes to wall decor, we say go all out! After all, you’ll want your new living space to feel as much like you as possible. Most of your desk decor should get left behind, though. You’ll need the space for studying and supplies, so keep the clutter to a minimum.

Can you think of anything we didn’t list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Leana says:

    But…. I love all my video games. Gotta bring them all! Lmao!

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