5 Ways to Add Matcha to Your Diet

We don’t know about you, but we can’t do so much as drive to work, let alone conquer a whole day without a caffeine fix. Recently, we’ve made the switch from expensive and super-sweetened coffees to this trendy green drink called matcha green tea! Simply put, matcha is a fine green powder made of ground, specially grown and processed green tea leaves.

Drinking matcha, as opposed to brewed green tea, provides you with about ten times more the antioxidants and nutrients because you’re ingesting the entire leaf rather than just the water that has seeped through it. Most conventionally, matcha is mixed into hot water to create a strong, frothy green tea (very yummy), but you can get pretty creative. Here’s how!



1. “Cold Brew” Matcha

Similar to cold brew coffee but not nearly as much work! Just toss a few scoops of matcha into some ice water, shake well and voila!


2. Matcha Popsicle

It’s not your typical summer popsicle, but that makes it even better. It’s refreshing without all the artificial sweeteners and coloring of many store bought ice pops. We enjoy this recipe.


3. Shakes and Smoothies

These make a good morning treat or afternoon snack to curb some cravings. Check your campus bookstore cafe and ask for an extra matcha boost in your green tea smoothie!



4. Cookies

Yes, even a baked dessert can have a dose of delicious green tea flavor. Plus, you’ll be satisfying that sweet tooth as well! We like this recipe.


5. Ice Cream

Okay, we clearly really like dessert…But with all the health benefits in matcha, a green tea-flavored ice cream is totally guilt-free, right? We like this recipe.

Tip: After you open the matcha packaging, the powder left in the container should be refrigerated and tightly sealed.


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