8 Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors

Summer is the season of heading outside, but the nice weather isn’t the only reason to get out in the sun. Spending time outdoors actually decreases stress, boosts your mood, and gives you a much-needed dose of Vitamin D.

We came up with a few simple ways you can increase your time spent outside. Check ’em out!

1. Head outside during your lunch break.

Those picnic benches outside of your workplace are calling your name! Even if you finish picking at your sandwich in a matter of minutes, you can use the rest of your lunch break to take a stroll around the area.


2. Ditch the TV and read outdoors.

You might typically plop right onto the couch after coming in from a long day at your internship, but relaxing and unwinding can be done anywhere. Instead of your favorite show, pick up a new book. Instead of your living room, pick a spot on your back patio.



3. Pick up an outdoor hobby.

If you enjoy what you’re doing outside, you’ll spend more time there. Make sense? Outdoor hobbies can include things like hiking, collecting, or even outdoor photography.


4. Scope out outdoor events and activities.

From street fairs to outdoor concerts, there are a ton of things you can do outdoors now that it’s summer. Keep these type of activities in the back of your mind while you’re coming up with your weekend plans.


5. Walk when you can.

If you can, walk to wherever you need to go. You probably don’t want to walk all the way to your internship five towns over, but you can definitely ditch your car when you’re heading to that lunch spot a few blocks away.



6. Bring your work outside.

You can study at your desk when winter rolls back around. For now, enjoy the perks of getting some fresh air while you’re working. You should still be able to pick up that WiFi connection if you stick to your backyard or an outdoor cafe.


7. Choose the outdoor seating area.

You know those cute little cafes and restaurants that offer outdoor seating? Not only do they allow you to get some sunshine, but we think it also makes your dining experience so much better.


8. Skip the treadmill and run outside.

Take your workout outside of the gym and see what you can do outdoors. For example, take a run around the neighborhood instead of on the treadmill.

Have any ideas that we didn’t list? Drop them in the comments below!


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