What to Do Before Wrapping Up Your Internship

In just the blink of an eye, it’s already time to start wrapping up your internship. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday you were ironing your best black pants, figuring out the fastest route to the office, and leaving your house an hour early just in case? But just like your very first day, your last day needs some preparation as well. Here’s what you should do before saying your final goodbye.

Tackle any last-minute goals.

When you first received that highly-coveted call that you’ve landed an internship offer, you probably had an idea in your mind about all the things you’d work on. Maybe you even wrote down some goals. Reflect back on what you’ve accomplished and figure out if there’s anything missing you were still hoping to learn. Now is a better time than never!


Complete assignments or help transition your work.

The last day of your internship doesn’t mean you can just drop your work and walk out the door (umm, rude)! Do your workplace a favor and finish anything they’ve assigned you. If it’s just too much and it really isn’t feasible, make sure to sit down with your manager and explain where you left off.



Get feedback.

You can’t grow professionally if you don’t know your strong points and what you need to work on. Make sense? Asking for constructive criticism can be nerve-wracking, but it’s totally necessary. Set aside some time and gather some feedback from your manager before you say goodbye.


Connect on LinkedIn.

So, you’ve already written down all of your colleagues’ professional email addresses (Oh, you haven’t? Get to it!), but connecting on LinkedIn is a must as well. A strong LinkedIn profile is almost as important as your resume when you’re job searching. Connecting with previous managers and colleagues allows them to endorse you for skills, share important career updates with you, and leave some stellar recommendations on your page.


Update your resume and portfolio.

Ahh…the sweet sense of accomplishment when you can add a whole new company and job description to your resume! Don’t forget about your portfolio either, though. Grabbing copies of your work is much easier before you’ve left the office for good!


Write out “thank you” notes.

You had a great mentor, you learned important skills, you met key people in the industry, and you’ve got some pretty awesome job experience you can now list on your resume…all thanks to the people at your internship! Make sure to write out some hand-written “thank you” notes to those you worked closest with.

Can you think of anything we forgot? Share it in the comments below!


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