5 Career Blogs You Should Definitely Follow

They don’t call it a career “journey” for no reason — there are a lot of twists and turns along the way! From figuring our your career path to navigating your first-ever full time job, you can’t possibly anticipate every challenge you’ll face. Luckily, there are seasoned vets out there blogging all of their best career tips and advice. Check out some of our favorites!

1. The Muse

The Muse offers expert career guidance and easy-to-follow advice for wherever your career takes you. You’ll find an array of advice on finding your true career passion, helpful guidance for your initial job search, and plenty of information on navigating day-to-day life on the job.


2. Corpette

Ladies, this one is for you! You’ll get a dose of straight-to-the-chase career (and internship!) advice that’s delivered in a casual and conversational format. But aside from your usual interview and resume tips, this blog is loaded with career-related fashion tips and wardrobe essentials.



3. Ask a Manager

As a former chief of staff, Alison Green knows all the in’s and out’s of office life, what it takes to get hired (or fired!), and basically anything else that comes along with managing a team — and people write to her daily seeking her advice. If you have a question about your career, chances are it’s already answered here. If not, why not ask yourself?


4. Campus to Career

Sick of sifting through career articles that focus on those who are already established in their careers? This might be just the blog you’re looking for. From perfecting your resume to mastering the interview, you’ll get all kinds of practical advice and insights that are helpful when you’re just starting out your career journey.


5. Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl takes more of a lifestyle approach to its posts, and we love that! You won’t feel like you’re reading a tedious instructional manual on career building. Rather, you’ll feel like you’re diving into an insightful conversation with a friendly workplace mentor.

Don’t forget — we also have a ton of helpful career resources and tips here on The College Juice! Check ’em out here.


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