6 Ways to Make New Friends in College

What’s the realest fear at the start of college? Making new friends. You don’t know if you’ll get along with your roommate, you’re not sure who you’ll go to the dining hall with, and you don’t know whether you’ll find someone who binge-watches the same Netflix series as you. It’s scary! But our friends at Textbooks.com know that making friends is a lot easier than you think. Check out the tips they’ve tried and loved!

1. Compliments get you everywhere.

Love your classmate’s Black Keys t-shirt? Have the same backpack as your RA? Reading the same book as that girl in the café? Let your love fly. Next thing you know you’re trading shopping tips and playlists.


2. Join the club. 

From sports and politics to foreign languages and book clubs, there is an on-campus extracurricular activity that suits your interests. Guess who you’re going to meet? More cool people just like you.



3. Extend the invitation.

Sometimes making friends in college is as easy as saying, “Want to hang out sometime?” If that’s too direct for you, try, “Hey, I’m going to see a great band tomorrow. You should come.”


4. Make a quick study.

In the first few weeks of class, introduce yourself to a nearby classmate and ask if you can swap numbers in case you miss a day, or in case they want a study partner for next week’s exam.


5. Get outside.

Go for a walk. Sit on the quad. Hang at the coffee shop. Your new BFF is very likely not inside your dorm room’s four walls (as cool as your roommate might be, our motto is the more pals the better).


6. Just say “hi.”

Yup, sometimes it’s just that simple. Say hello, flash a smile, and well, if all else fails, compliment their Black Keys t-shirt again.

Can you think of anything else? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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