Must-Have Backpacks for Back to School

You’ve got your semester schedule, you started gathering your dorm decor, and you even ordered your textbooks. The next step? Make sure you’ve got the right accessory to hold everything you need on campus. Take a look at the backpacks we’re obsessing over this season!

1. Jansport Embroidered Small Fry

Why we love it: The mini size is perfect for a light day of classes, or when you just need a few essentials while you’re out. Plus, your college logo is a design that’s always in style.

2. The North Face Wise Guy Backpack

Why we love it: It’s durable, it’s lightweight, and it features multiple pockets for whatever you need to carry. The design is pretty sick, too!

3. Sakroots Flap Backpack

Why we love it: The casual look makes it feel more like an accessory than a backpack, so you can use it even when you’re not on campus! Plus, Sakroots offers a ton of patterns, so you can pick the one that fits you best.

4. Excel II Backpack

Why we love it: Forget about finding room for all of your binders and textbooks — this one has enough room for all of that and a laptop! The shoulder straps are also designed so that carrying those heavy items won’t be uncomfortable.

5. Jansport Baughman Backpack

Why we love it: You don’t need an industrial-looking backpack in order to have all of the compartments you need for your supplies. This one gets the job done while maintaining a cute and casual feel.

6. Sakroots Medium Backpack

Why we love it: It’s got the build of a regular backpack, but the design is anything but ordinary. This will definitely be your best accessory on campus.

7. Jansport Right Pack

Why we love it: This one is a downright classic, if that’s your style. The best part? These come in a variety of pretty pastels and bold colors.

Did you fall in love with one of these finds? Check your campus bookstore for availability!


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