The First-Week-Of-College Bucket List

The start of college is beyond exciting. You’ve got a whole new campus to explore, plenty of new faces to meet, and tons of activities right at your finger tips. So, what should you absolutely make sure to accomplish during your first week? We listed everything below.

Go to every campus event.

It may have felt uncool hitting up school events back in high school. But in college? They’re actually something you won’t want to miss. Think about it — isn’t meeting new friends one of your biggest goals during the first few weeks? Campus events bring everybody together, and you can bet they all have that same goal. Plus, there may be free food!


Get to know your floor-mates.

You’ll be living within arms reach of all the students on your dorm floor, so why not become friends? It’s also pretty convenient if you ever need to knock on a neighbor’s door to borrow something!



Look into campus clubs.

Joining a campus organization is a great way to make friends, keep busy, and add experience to your resume. Check to see if your school has an organization fair, or look up each club description online so you can make note of any meetings you want to attend.


Check out the Rec Center.

Okay, you don’t have to be all about that #fitlife to enjoy the rec center. Aside from the gym equipment and group fitness classes, your school’s Rec Center may offer fun activities like ping pong, racketball, and more. Check it out! You won’t regret it.


Find the best dining spots.

First off, the dining hall is a must. I mean, you can get unlimited meal swipes and grab a range of food options! Can it get any more convenient? But aside from the dining hall, check out what other food options your campus offers. You’ll find your favorite soon enough!



Make plans with someone new.

Let’s make this even better — Make plans with someone new that isn’t your roommate. You and your roommie will have plenty of bonding time, so work on finding some more buddies you can spend time with on campus. Remember: everybody is trying to make friends during the first few weeks, so don’t be shy!


Walk through your schedule.

Imagine getting lost on your first day of classes…Not fun! Get familiar with your route by walking from class to class before your first day. While you’re at it, check out which cafes and lunch spots you can make a pit stop at between classes. There’s nothing like a midday iced coffee, am I right?


Chat with your RA.

Your RA is your ‘go-to’ whenever a dorm or roommate issue arises, so it helps if you get to know who this person is. It also helps to remember that they’re a student too, so they can likely offer some great advice about campus life as a whole.

Think we missed something? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Debbie Forrester says:

    For those of us who are not on campus – there should be another article to address what we can do without being able to meet others in our dorm, or good places to eat, etc.
    On-line students matter also.

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