5 Perks of Having an On-Campus Job

Are you ready to break free from that “broke college student” stereotype? There are plenty of part-time jobs out there to fill your wallets while you earn your degree, but we’re partial to the on-campus gigs offered right at your college. Why? Check out our five reasons below!

1. You’ll save on gas money.

No car on campus? No problem. But even if you do have your car with you, you can save some gas money and hang on to that highly-coveted parking spot right outside your dorm a little bit longer. Having an on-campus job means your workplace is just a few steps away — no driving needed!


2. You’ll make new friends on campus.

Of course, you can make new friends no matter where you get a job — But isn’t it much more convenient when you know your co-workers are on the same campus as you? It’s always nice having a few more people you can wave hi to on your way to class!



3. It’s an easy way to get extra cash in your wallet. 

This is probably the whole reason you’re seeking a job in the first place, but it’s worth mentioning! Grabbing a few extra shifts is so much easier when your job is right on campus. Nothing eases worries like a little bit of extra spending cash in your wallet, right?


4. It’ll give you a sense of belonging.

You can show up to class then call it a day, or you can fully immerse yourself in the college experience by getting involved. There’s a reason so many students seek out their university’s organizations, Greek life, and campus jobs — it gives you a sense of belonging that you wouldn’t get otherwise!


5. It’s a great resume builder. 

While you’re constantly told to knock those babysitting gigs and other high school jobs off of your resume, an on-campus job is a different story! Many employers like seeing that candidates were heavily involved on their college campuses, and these jobs often teach many skills that can transfer over to your future career!

Ready to snag a job on your campus? Check out what kinds of gigs your school has to offer — like RAs, campus tour guides, lifeguards, booksellers, mail room attendants, cafe baristas, and more!


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