5 Pandora Stations for Your Next Study Session

The best study sessions always have the perfect soundtrack. You’ll need music that’s calming, keeps stress at bay, and — most importantly — isn’t distracting (Could you imagine studying to “Bohemian Rhapsody” without singing along?!). Set the mood of your next study session with one of these Pandora stations below.

1. New Age Instrumental

We’ll bet you’ll recognize quite a few songs in this playlist. The catch? It’s all instrumentals, so those catchy lyrics you usually sing along to are nixed.

Listen here.


2. Hans Zimmer

You might not know the name Hans Zimmer, but you’re definitely familiar with his work! This famous film composer is the brain behind the soundtracks of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, The Dark Knight, and many more. Once again, it’s all instrumentals.

Listen here.



3. Instrumental Hip Hop

You don’t need to stick to the classical and acoustic genres for a calming, distraction-free study session. This station offers some of the best beats in hip hop — without the lyrics, of course.

Listen here.


4. Coffee House Covers

If you’re not easily distracted by song lyrics, why not keep them in there? This playlist puts a chill, acoustic spin on some of your favorite classics.

Listen here.


5. Classical for Studying

They always say that classical pieces make the best study music, so you can’t go wrong with the elegant orchestral sounds of this playlist!

Listen here.

Which station is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.


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  1. Lani :p says:

    Actually, the best station for studying is
    I’m Sorry (Feat.Shiloh) Radio

    U can’t argue with that

  2. Vanessa says:

    Someone recommended to me Nature Sounds. I’ve been listening to soothing babbling books, thunder storms and gentle rain in the rain forests while I study. It’s really helped me focus.

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