Transform Your Dorm into a Hygge Haven

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “hygge” (pronounced hoo-guh), hang tight and keep reading — We’re about to get you hooked. This Danish concept is all about creating a stress-free atmosphere and enjoying the simple things in life — think sipping tea by the fire, enjoying a book under a warm blanket, and lighting candles. Basically, it’s encompassed by all things cozy.

Now, let’s talk about how to hygge-ify your dorm room.

Add cozy blankets. 

Chunky knit throws, smooth velvet blankets, and snug quilts…Ahhh, so comfy! Curling up in one of these after a long day of classes is perfection — don’t you think?


Create your own reading nook. 

Don’t worry about going to extreme lengths in order to rearrange your room! Whether it’s on your bed while you’re embraced by your throw pillows, or it’s under a blanket on your beanbag chair nestled in the corner, you can easily create the perfect cozy atmosphere to buckle down with your favorite books.



Layer on extra sweaters. 

Why stop at one when you can keep going? In fact, throw on a pair of fuzzy socks while you’re at it, too!


Stock up on hot cocoa. 

Can hygge include food and drinks? Yes, it can! Keep some hot cocoa stocked up in your dorm, because what other drink is that cozy?


Lay out some electric candles.

Hygge and candles go hand in hand — just ask the Danish! But how do you get past that dorm room policy preventing you from lighting your favorite Yankee candle? Stick to the electric kind. You’ll get the same cozy ambiance without the flame.


Fill your bed with throw pillows.

If there’s anything better than curling up in a cozy blanket, it’s jumping into a pillow-filled bed. Imagine sinking into all that comfort at the end of the day? Yessssss.


Create ambiance with string lights.

There’s something so blissful about turning off the harsh ceiling lights and opting for the quaint, warm lighting of a set of string lights. You may not be able to burn candles, but you can still get that same cozy ambiance.

Do you think you’ve created the perfect hygge haven? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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