5 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

In today’s professional world, sending through a qualified resume often isn’t enough — You need a strong personal brand. That’s right. You’re the brand. And your online presence, the way you present yourself, and who you network with are all a part of it. Check out how we recommend strengthening your own professional presence.

Fine-tune your pitch. 

Think of your pitch as your personal branding statement. Basically, it describes who you are as a professional and why you’re a valuable asset in your industry. You’ll use a variation of this pitch in your LinkedIn bio, on job interviews, at networking events, and even on the job — so it’s important!

Keep your pitch short (a couple of sentences is ideal!), but make sure it truly captures you in a unique way. Don’t be afraid to add some personality in there!


Create a website or online portfolio.

The traditional resume often needs back up these days, and why wouldn’t it? This formal piece of paper can’t capture how much of a rock star you are the way your own website can. Your site should be consistent with your pitch, too. Think of it as an extension to your personal branding statement, capturing everything you couldn’t fit into those two or so sentences. Once again, let your unique personality shine!



Clean up your social media pages.

We can’t stress this enough — consistency is key when it comes to personal branding. You might be an advertising professional on LinkedIn, but those Facebook pictures from that crazy Halloween party freshman year say otherwise! Keep a similar presence on every platform, or at least set your pages to private.


Get active on LinkedIn. 

Think you’ve perfected your LinkedIn profile? It doesn’t end once you’ve edited your bio, added your skills, and listed out your experiences. Stay active on the site by engaging in posts that interest you, sharing your own content (blog posts, conversation starters, thought-provoking questions in your industry, etc.), and building your network with others that align with your goals and passions.


Take a professional head shot.

Your head shot is the face of your personal brand — kind of like a company logo! A professional-looking photo gives you more credibility and keeps your brand looking clean. You can use this picture for your LinkedIn page, on your personal website, in emails, and more!

Do you have any questions about building your personal brand? Drop them in the comments below.


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