10 Little Things to Be Proud About Today

As human beings, we’re so hard on ourselves sometimes. Maybe you didn’t study as many chapters as you know you should have, or maybe you skipped the gym for the second week in a row. Hey, it happens! The important thing to remember is, there’s always something to be proud about. Cut yourself a break and check out these little things you can totally pat yourself on the back for.

1. Making it to the weekend.

Remember how you felt when Monday morning hit? Well, guess what? You did it. You made it to the weekend!


2. Not sleeping through your alarm.

You could have pressed snooze a million times over, but you made it out of bed and started your day like a champ!


3. Getting one day closer to your degree.

It’s still a process, but you’re getting there! This is always something to be proud of.



4. Spending time with friends.

Yes, you can be proud of this, too! Your friends make you happy, and that’s certainly a good reason to spend more time with them.


5. And still making time for family.

Let’s not forget about family! You might be living away from them, but they appreciate that you still keep in touch.


6. Giving yourself a little “me” time.

It’s easy to feel guilty when you choose “me” time over productivity, but it’s honestly something to be proud of. You’re honoring your needs!


7. Making someone smile. 

Whether you gave somebody an unexpected gift or you did something as simple as holding a door open, that grin you gave someone today is a big deal!


8. Crossing something off your to-do list.

Hey, even something as simple as picking up your mail is productive. Be proud!


9. Eating something healthy.

You might typically opt for pizza and takeout, but remember that apple you ate in between? Good for you!


10. Getting some fresh air. 

Even if it was just during your walk to class, at least you didn’t stay cooped up in bed all day!

What are you proud of today? Talk to us in the comments below!


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