10 Things Every College Student is Thankful For

Heading home for Thanksgiving? While gathering around the dinner table, you’re sure to be met with the question that everyone’s asking — “What are you thankful for?” We want you to be prepared with a response, so check out these 10 things that every college student is thankful for!

1. Those “class is cancelled” emails. 

There’s nothing better than your phone lighting up to one of these emails.



2. Coffee. 

Coffee is basically the solution to every problem in college.



3. Home-cooked meals.

Because you’re probably tired of your dorm room’s microwave at this point.



4. Your bed.

Those after-class naps? Amazing. 



5. Roommates and best friends that just get you.

“Oh, you feel like watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream today? Good, me too.”



6. Unlimited meal swipes.

Because sometimes you want two dinners.



7. And just any free food.

Any campus event with free food is an event worth attending.



8. Actually, just the word “free.”

It doesn’t matter if you already have 100 — a free T-shirt is a free T-shirt.



9. Calls from home.

As fun as college is, those calls from family still give a warming feeling.



10. College life as a whole.

Seriously, can college just last forever?


What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Betty Cothran says:

    First all I am thankful for the Lord God ,I am thankful for the air I breathe and love and support of a wonderful man who puts up with my crazy quirky forgetfulness,also my family,also all the wonderful things I am learning I am truly thankful and blessed,I couldn’t ask for more thank you

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