Easy Ways to Feel Accomplished This Week

It’s that point in the term where we’re all in a bit of a slump. It’s been almost an entire semester of hard work, and with winter break so close you can feel it, there’s barely any motivation to carry out anything. That’s why we’re suggesting some easy ways you can stay productive and feel accomplished this week!

Start studying for finals.

We know, we know. This one is rough. But even just getting a small start on studying right now will give you a big sense of satisfaction. After all, it’s always an accomplishment when you don’t wait until the last minute to study.


Cross that one straggler off of your to-do list.

Is there something on your to-do list that you just never get around to? Maybe you keep saying you’ll start your holiday shopping, but you always brush that one off and say you’ll get to it later. How about finally tackling it this week? If the task has been haunting you for awhile, it’s sure make you feel extra accomplished when you’ve finally gotten it out of the way.



Give back.

It’s so simple, but it makes you feel so good. Whether you volunteer somewhere, donate to a charity, or just offer a helping hand to a passerby, the pat on the back you can give yourself is well-deserved.


Acknowledge the little things.

It’s easy feeling unaccomplished because you think you need to do something major before you recognize success — like land a high-paying job or run the New York marathon. The truth is, nobody can be on that kind of A-game all the time! Sometimes even something as simple as scheduling in some “me-time” is a reason to be proud.


Start a new project.

The first step is always the hardest. That’s why starting something new often feels like such a big accomplishment. So if you’ve been meaning to pick up a new hobby, fix up your resume, renovate your bedroom, or something else along those lines, now is the time!



It never fails. Getting organized always brings about a sense of accomplishment. No time to tackle your entire room? No biggie. Even de-cluttering smaller areas — like your inbox, book bag, or closet — can give you some satisfaction.

Do you have any tips that we didn’t list? Share them in the comments!


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