How to Be More Productive Starting This Week

Tackling responsibilities isn’t easy when you’ve got your phone practically begging you to check Instagram, three more seasons of your Netflix show waiting to be watched, and just a ton of fun activities available all across campus. It’s hard! But when you really need to get down to business, check out these tips on becoming more productive.

Start your day with a positive thought.

Simple enough, right? Your mindset in the morning can influence your entire day. As much as you feel like mourning the loss of your bed when your alarm sounds, it’ll do you better if you shift your thoughts to the things you’re about to accomplish. Set your intentions from the start!


Come up with a weekly plan.

Let’s get rid of that overused “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse. At the start of each week, come up with a few goals and then take a look at what your schedule looks like. Now that you know which days you have a little bit more free time, you can come up with a plan of action to tackle those goals.


Figure out your most productive time of day.

A lot of people put forward their best work right after they’ve woken up in the morning. Others would rather sleep in and get to work at night when their surroundings are quiet. What works best for you?



Focus on eating more healthy foods.

Yes, even your eating habits can affect your productivity! Do you ever go in on a huge cheeseburger meal, only to become completely lethargic as you fall into one of those dreaded food comas? Don’t let your food weigh you down! Instead, stick to more healthy and lightweight offerings that will fuel you with energy for your day — You can get back to that cheeseburger afterwards!


Reflect on your daily accomplishments.

If you feel like you’re on a roll, you wouldn’t want to just stop there, right? At the end of each day, go through everything you’ve accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re more likely to keep up the good work moving forward if you acknowledge your sense of accomplishment.


Squeeze in “me” time.

You might not think of “me” time as productive. After all, you could be applying for internships rather than getting lost in the latest John Green novel, right? Well, think of it this way — If you only focus on tackling responsibilities all day long, you’re sure to get burnt out! Burnout will totally kill your productivity, so give yourself some downtime and recharge every once in awhile.


De-clutter at the end of each day.

Your environment plays a big role in your productivity. For example, don’t you always feel like you suddenly have your life together once you’ve cleaned your room? You’re more likely to stay productive when your environment makes you feel that way. That’s why you should make an effort to de-clutter at the end of each day. Put away all of the papers and assignments you worked on, hang up all of the clothes your wore, and get rid of any food and utensils you left laying out.


Get enough sleep.

You don’t typically think of sleep and college going hand in hand, but it’s so important when you’ve got things to accomplish! A cup of coffee can’t keep you productive by itself. Make sure you get a quality sleep each night by sticking to a regular sleep schedule, limiting your caffeine intake throughout the day, and winding down about an hour before you head to bed.

How do you stay productive throughout your day? Share your own tips in the comments below.


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