5 Tasks to Tackle Before the End of the Term

In just the blink of an eye, it’s already time to start wrapping up the term. Can you believe it? But before you pack your bags say your goodbyes, take a look at some of the tasks you need to tackle first.

1. Visit your academic adviser.

Your academic adviser is one of your most valuable resources on campus — and you should pay them a visit at least once per term! They’re basically your go-to when it comes to navigating your way through college. A visit with your adviser can give you clarity on course selection, ensure you’re on the right path for graduation, and even offer helpful career guidance. After a quick chat, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re making all the right choices in your college career.


2. Go through old assignments.

Remember that first paper you wrote way back in the beginning of September? Do you still have it? Chances are, you’re still hanging onto a lot of old assignments from the term. Sift through it all and make a pile of everything that’s still important (resources you can study from, assignments that are relevant for future courses, etc.). The rest? Toss ’em!



3. Get clarity on any confusing lessons.

The term isn’t over just yet. Unfortunately, you’ve still got finals week. With that in mind, think back to any lessons you never quite grasped. You’ll definitely need a refresh before your exam rolls around, so talk with your classmates or meet with your professor and get the clarity you need.


4. Return your rentals.

We may be a little biased here, but we think this one is important! If you rented any textbooks, make sure to return them before the deadline to avoid any replacement fees. You can always download your bookstore’s app, and they’ll send you a friendly reminder before the due date.


5. Prep your dorm room.

While most of your dorm room’s belongings can stay put while you’re home for break, you still can’t just up and leave without doing a quick sweep of your space! Aside from things like water bottles, your mini fridge should get completely cleaned out (imagine coming back in January to spoiled milk! Yuck!). You should also clean or dispose of any dirty dishes and utensils, sweep up any crumbs on the floor that can attract bugs, and unplug any electrical appliances that can start fires. Oh, and lock up any valuables while you’re at it — better to be safe than sorry!

Can you think of anything else? Talk to us in the comments below.


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