The 10 Stages of Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner

After a long semester at college, it’s finally time to head home and catch up with your family again over some turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Will it be amazing? Yes. Will there be some awkward moments? Also yes. Take a look below at the 10 stages of surviving Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Trying to save your appetite all day for dinner time.

It’s honestly the worst waiting game.


2. Dealing with the inevitable awkward questions from relatives.

There’s always the classic, “Are you dating anyone new?”


3. Listening to grandma complain about how you don’t call enough.

You’re just busy living life.


4. Making your way toward the dinner table like you’re on a mission.

You’ve been waiting for this moment all season, after all.


5. And gleaming in amazement as soon as you see the array of food set out. 

SO much food.


6. Praying that nobody brings up a heated topic like politics.

It’s only a matter of time before it happens.


7. Going back for seconds and thirds, even though you were full after the first plate.

After all, it’ll be another year until you can feast like this again.


8. Fighting off the drowsiness from eating so much food.

A nap sounds perfect right about now.


9. But somehow mustering up an appetite again as soon as you see the desserts.

You’re about to attack that pumpkin pie like there’s no tomorrow.


10. Then finally falling into a food coma once dinner is complete.

You made it to the end! Now, a much-needed nap.


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