17 Things You Can Accomplish Before the End of 2017

Let’s think back to the start of 2017. Did you have a New Year’s resolution? Okay, now did you stick to it? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go to the gym everyday like you promised — You can still feel accomplished at the end of the year. Here are a few ideas how.

1. Perfect your LinkedIn profile.

It’s the world’s largest professional network, so your profile needs to be on point. Check out some tips here.


2. Finish a book.

Finishing a book by the end of the month? Pshh…That’s easy! After all, the best books are nearly impossible to put down.



3. Organize your closet.

Is your closet overflowing with clothes you haven’t touched since sophomore year of high school? Yeah, it might be time to take care of that!


4. Clean out your laptop.

From old files to outdated applications you no longer use, your computer can probably use some sprucing up, too.


5. Start a journal.

Not only is writing in a journal a great way to unwind at the end of the day, but it also promotes mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and much more.


6. Apply for internships.

Now is a better time than never, right? You can still find some last-minute internships for the spring term, or start keeping your eyes out for those highly-coveted summer internship opportunities.


7. Discover a new hobby.

Since you’re on winter break, there’s plenty of time to try out some new things, like blogging, knitting, painting, coding, candle making, car restoration, photography, cross-stitching, woodworking, collecting…You get the point.



8. Fix up your resume.

This is something that everyone loves to put off, but it’s very important! Knock this one out of the way now.


9. Make a new friend.

Not the type to strike up a random conversation in your local coffee shop? No biggie. Maybe some of your current friends can bring along a few extra people the next time you guys hang out!


10. Create an online portfolio.

Sometimes just a resume isn’t enough, which is why many people are now opting for digitally-friendly online portfolios. How about getting started today?


11. Catch up with family and old friends.

When was the last time you gave grandma a call? Or how about your best friend from high school that you’ve lost touch with? Now is a great time to reconnect.


12. Find a side hustle.

Think your hobby or passion can drive some income? Give it a shot! Side hustles can include building apps, creating a blog, selling work on Etsy, becoming a brand ambassador, and much, much more.



13. Learn a new skill.

Sewing? Coding? A foreign language? You might not perfect the skill by the end of 2017, but you can definitely start learning a great deal about it.


14. Start a budget.

Keeping your finances in check for all of 2018? Yes, please! Start now and thank yourself later.


15. Help out a cause.

This is one of those things that is so easy to accomplish, yet it feels so big. Whether you volunteer your time or money, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve made an impact.


16. Form healthy eating habits.

It might be a big lifestyle change, but it starts with a single easy step. Start thinking about what kinds of foods you should cut from (or add to) your diet.


17. Step out of your comfort zone.

You always hear the saying, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Ready to start living?


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