7 Tips to Help You Adjust to Being Home for the Holidays

College life is amazing. You call all the shots since your parents aren’t down your back, you’re never bored because your friends are around 24/7, and you can totally get away with a not-so-healthy sleeping schedule and diet. But now that you’re heading home for the holidays, it’s time for some adjustments. Here’s how we suggest making this transition a bit easier.

1. Come up with some (fun) goals.

Winter break is all about relaxation, but having nothing to do gets boring after awhile. Avoid getting stir crazy in your own home by listing some fun goals for winter break — like finishing a book, catching up with at least a few of your old friends, or learning some new recipes.


2. Help around the house.

Since you’re back at your parent’s house for a bit, do them a solid and pick up some chores. Imagine letting your laundry pile up, only for your mom to pester you by saying, “Is this how you live at college?!”



3. Get ready to play catch-up.

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll get asked about college time and time again. Try finding a time when the whole crew is together so you can knock all of those questions out of the way at once.


4. And start planning answers to those tricky questions.

Speaking of inevitable questions, some of them are — how should we say — kind of annoying. How are your grades? What are your plans after college? Are you dating anyone? It might be a good idea to start preparing your answers for these tricky questions.


5. Find ways to bond with your siblings.

Stop the fights and bickering before they happen. Think of ways you can bond with your siblings, like having a holiday movie marathon or enjoying a fun winter activity. This will keep you from getting bored, too!


6. Keep in touch with your college friends.

It’s hard going from seeing your college BFFs all day everyday to being miles apart for the duration of winter break. Whether you keep the group chat active, stay up-to-date on Snapchat, or all of the above, keeping in touch makes the transition of being home easier.


7. Start making a list of simple recipes.

You might be used to your meal plan at college, but you won’t have that at home! Show mom and dad you can take care of yourself by searching for some quick recipes you can whip up over break.


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