7 Ways to Invest in Yourself in College

Ask yourself this question — Do you truly make yourself a priority, or do you tend to put your needs on the back burner? If your answer leans toward the latter, we need to talk about investing in yourself. Check out these seven essential ways how!

1. Continuously set new goals for different areas of your life. 

Goal-setting is so important. While having a big, long term goal is great, we recommend setting smaller, more frequent goals as well so that you’re constantly improving without getting too far ahead of yourself. Think about it this way — How can you start improving your health within the next week? Your academics? Your relationships? It’s easier staying on track when you take things one small step at a time.


2. Chase extra opportunities to advance your skills.

While you’re learning a great deal in your college courses, it’s well worth extending your learning opportunities outside the classroom. For example, you can search for online courses and certifications, look into internship opportunities for hands-on job experience, join in on webinars, or find a side hustle.



3. Find a hobby that lets your creative juices flow. 

Whether you’re the artsy type or not, having a creative outlet will do you good — Studies show it boosts productivity and job performance! It also forces you to squeeze in a little bit of “me” time into your schedule, which should always be a priority no matter how busy you are.


4. Create healthy lifestyle choices that work for you.

Not everybody is into 5 a.m. workouts, meal prepping, and gym selfies tagged with #fitfam and #gymspiration — And that’s okay! Instead, invest time in finding out what kinds of healthy lifestyle choices work for you. This might mean making sure you always get a full night of sleep, downloading an app that keeps you on track with diet and exercise, or simply drinking enough water throughout the day.


5. Invest time in career- or self-development podcasts, books, or blogs.

A lot of what you do during your downtime can be productive, too! We’re not saying you should neglect some much-needed R&R, but kicking back with an inspiring podcast, book or blog every once in awhile might be just the motivation you need.


6. Surround yourself with more positive people. 

Do the people you spend your time with always lift you up, have your back, and see your full potential? If not, it might be time to drop that extra baggage. When you start surrounding yourself with more positive and uplifting people, you’ll start finding that it’s easier becoming the true best version of yourself.


7. Invest more time in new experiences.

Money is tight in college, so why dish out out your hard-earned cash on the latest pair of sneakers or your favorite celebrity’s makeup line? Invest more in new experiences, instead — whether it’s traveling (study abroad, anyone?), concerts, museums, or something else along those lines. Those shoes will eventually go out of style, but memories of the moments you create last forever (and teach you a lot!).

How else are you investing in yourself in college? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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