Gift Ideas You Can Pull Together at the Last Minute

You might have promised yourself you’d finish all of your holiday shopping early this year, but hey — things happen! The good news? You don’t need to stress. Check out these gift ideas you can pull together at the last minute.

E-Gift Cards

Gift cards are always an easy gifting option, but at this point in the holiday season, it may even be too late to run out and grab one (unless you want to deal with the massive crowds of other last-minute holiday shoppers!). Conveniently, most retailers offer digital gift cards that you can print out or send directly to the recipient’s email. Easy!


Concert, Game or Theater Tickets

In the same vein as e-gift cards, concert and game tickets are also often digitalized. With just a few quick clicks on ticketmaster, you can have some highly-coveted tickets printed out and ready for gifting.



Baked Goods

Don’t underestimate the power of baking! Many people would love a freshly baked batch of cookies or a decadent holiday pie. You can always wrap it in a bow, too!


Homemade Items

The easiest option? Pull at their heart strings with a scrapbook or photo album of memorable photographs. But if you’re willing to get craftier, there are a ton of other handmade gifts you can create — like homemade bath bombs, DIY candles, photo canvases, and more!


Subscription Boxes

This gift is great, not only because you don’t have to run out to the store, but it’s also a gift that keeps on giving. Your special recipient will know that they can expect a box of goodies at their door every month for as long as the subscription lasts. Another perk? There are boxes catered to almost any interest — like makeup and skincare, food, gaming, and even pet lovers!


Dinner Reservations

Is there a popular dinner spot that your loved one adores (or always wanted to try out), but it always has a massive wait? Call now, reserve a table for an upcoming weekend, and let your recipient know you’ll be treating them to dinner there as their special holiday gift!


Charity Donation

Did you know that you can donate to a charity in someone else’s name? This type of holiday gift is increasing in popularity, as many would rather you spend your money on those who are really in need. Find out what causes are important to your recipient, and let them know you’re making a donation on their behalf.

Can you think of anything else? We’ll take all the ideas we can get! Drop your suggestions in the comments below.


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