10 Undeniable Truths About Surviving Winter On Campus

At this point in the winter season, we’re all longing for those spring days on campus where the trees are filled with pink flowers, the students are all laying on the campus green studying and catching sun, and the fields are all bustling with intramural sports. But before we get to that springtime bliss, we have to endure just a few more weeks of the frigid winter. Can we all agree that these struggles are a bit too real?

1. You absolutely dread the walk to class, no matter how close it is.

When the air hurts your face, any distance is too far.


2. If you commute, the battle for the closest parking spot is more real than ever.

You’ll circle the lot 100 times if it means a shorter walk to class.


3. And defrosting your car every morning is the most dreadful chore.

Who has the time for that?


4. You’ve started ordering delivery more and more often.

You might have meal swipes at the dining hall, but that involves leaving your bed.


5. Staying in on weekends is as tempting as ever.

Your bed is the place to be.


6. Nights out mean deciding between bringing your chunky jacket or braving the cold.

If you do bring your jacket, you know you’ll have to carry it around all night.


7. Your after-class plans always involve curling up in bed.

With multiple blankets.


8. You desperately hope that any snow in the forecast is enough to cancel class.

Because if it’s not, your mood is ruined for the rest of the day.


9. Spring break is by far your biggest motivator right now. 

You keep telling yourself that in just a few weeks, you’ll be laying poolside in 80 degree weather.


10. And you’re so excited for the beautiful spring days ahead. 

It’s arguably the most beautiful time on campus…And it’s within reach!


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