5 Valid Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

The thought of turning down a job offer often leaves people filled with nerves, uncertainty, and the feeling that they’re potentially making a huge mistake. After all, job searching is tough these days, so naturally it feels like you should snag every opportunity you get.

But on the other hand, should you really settle for just anything? We don’t think so, and that’s why we’re listing five valid reasons to turn down a job offer below.

The work culture doesn’t feel right. 

You’re spending 40 or so hours per week there, so don’t settle for a work environment you’re not comfortable with. Company culture is a huge factor. Think about how you felt when you walked into the interview. Were the people you saw respectful and professional? Or, did everyone seem frantic and drained? Another good way to gauge work culture is by checking out company reviews on Glassdoor, looking at their turnover rate, or talking with any current or past employees.

Also, just because the culture isn’t negative, it still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good fit for you. Maybe you’d thrive better in a laid back environment where you can really put time and effort into perfecting your work. In that case, you might want to pass up an offer at a bustling, fast-paced office…And vice versa.



Growth opportunities just aren’t there.

As a job hunter, you should know what skills you’ll need to perfect in order to advance your career. If the job you got the offer from doesn’t even touch on these skills, it can be a major setback in your career journey.

Additionally, does the position seem like a dead end? If there are no opportunities to grow within the company, you’ll likely feel unmotivated and a lack of fulfillment on the job.


The pay isn’t great. 

This is a tough one, and definitely deserves some deep thought. A lower paycheck might not be a deal breaker if you love the work and the job description is fulfilling. There also might be a lot of opportunity for growth, or—if anything—the impressive job title and notable company name will look awesome on your resume.

However, salary might be a deal breaker if it’s not enough to support yourself, it’s significantly less pay than similar roles within other companies, or if they fail to offer an acceptable benefits package as well. Remember, you can always try negotiating pay before putting the lid on the offer.


You’re uninterested in the work.

Can you imagine working five days a week in an accounting office when just the sound of financial terms makes you snooze? Or what if the role includes customer support, but you really hate talking on the phone all day long? Finding a job that touches on your areas of interest is so important, not only because you’ll enjoy your job more, but because you’ll excel much easier when you love what you do.


It’s not a match for your skill level.

If the work is too easy? You won’t learn and grow, and you’ll likely feel unmotivated each day. If the skills are too advanced (Oops, did you embellish your resume too much?), you’ll get overwhelmed, burnt out, and appear unqualified. Make sure that the job description challenges you just enough that you’ll constantly learn new things, but you can still perform the required duties to the company’s expectations.

If you do turn down that job offer, make sure to do so in a grateful and timely manner. Have questions? Drop them in the comments below.


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