How to Keep Your Dorm Room Extra Warm This Winter

When the temperature drops, it’s only right that our dorm rooms serve as a cozy escape from the blistering cold winter weather. But what happens when your dorm building’s heaters are on and you’re still shivering? Check out some of our tips below.

Swap your cotton sheets for flannel.

If you find yourself shivering throughout the night while you sleep, consider switching to flannel sheets. The material traps in heat better than cotton does, so you can be sure you’ll feel nice and snug all night long.


Stock up on throw blankets.

When it comes to blankets, we say “the more, the merrier.” And for those extra chilly nights? Layer them on top of your comforter for even more warmth and coziness.



Drape your windows in insulated curtains.

Drafts from your window could be letting the frigid winter air into your dorm room. Shop for insulated curtains that will keep the cold air out, and the warm air from your heater in.


Avoid cold floors on your bare feet with a large throw rug.

You might wake up nice and warm under your cozy covers, but as soon as you step out of the comfort of your bed…Yikes! Stepping onto a cold tile floor with your bare feet is quite the rude awakening, so make sure there’s a throw rug that you can step onto instead. Or—if anything—keep a pair of slippers by your bed.


Keep a plush robe by your bedside.

Are you the type that likes it a bit chilly while you sleep, but you dread stepping out into the frigid cold when you wake? We hear you. While you may rock shorts or a tee to bed in the dead of winter, getting out of bed dressed like that isn’t fun. Keep a plush robe hanging right by your bed so you can wrap yourself up before getting ready for the day.


Look into things like draft stoppers and insulation film.

If insulated curtains aren’t enough to keep the cold air out, look into things like draft stoppers and insulation film. These will ensure that your dorm room’s heat stays trapped where it should be, and that cold winter air stays outside.


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