Six Ways to Upgrade Your Space After College

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We can’t think of a better time to refresh your space than after you’ve reached a major life milestone. That’s right…We’re talking about graduating college, and there are plenty of ways you can start revamping your surroundings to reflect this new chapter in your life. Need some ideas? Our friends at Target pulled together a list of upgrades that are worth checking out.

1. Refresh your bedroom with throw pillows, a headboard, and matching décor.

Perfectly-placed throw pillows and a harmonious headboard atop your bed can only mean one thing…You’ve officially upgraded your bedroom from your college days. But now that your bed looks picturesque, it’s only right that you pull together the rest of the space with bedroom ideas that match. How about sticking to a theme, like the modern bedroom pictured below?


2. Formalize your seating area with decorative accents.

While college furniture often sticks to the functional basics, your post-grad humble abode steps it up a notch with more cultivated pieces. This isn’t to say you should suddenly shell out your savings on high-end furniture. Rather, you can create the illusion of an upscale dwelling with simple décor pieces like pillows, accent rugs, throws, and more ideas.


3. Create a smarter space with connected devices.

Someone as intelligent as a college grad deserves a smarter home to match, don’t you think? Smart hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo are arguably the most popular connected devices, but there are plenty of more ways you can create a smarter space. Picture devices that let you remotely control your appliances, and technology that creates efficiency for your everyday tasks. Now that’s smart.


4. Adult-ify your bathroom with coordinating accessories.

How do you upgrade your bathroom from a lackluster necessity to a spa-like retreat? It’s all in the accessories. A decorative woven shower curtain, an identical set of towels, and a soap dispenser to match will keep your bathroom both balanced and aesthetically pleasing.


5. Swap out your posters for wall art and accents.

A gallery wall instantly turns any room from dull and lifeless to charming and full of personality. Now it’s time to embellish your walls in a way that reflects the new—more adult—you. How about retiring those posters of your favorite band and swapping them with decorative mirrors, artwork, or accents?


6. Create the perfect ambiance with floor and table lamps.

Did you opt for the ever-so-classic ambiance of string lights in your college room? No shame! But if you’re ready for an upgrade, you can’t go wrong with a shaded floor or table lamp. The different bases and lamp shades you can choose from double as decorative elements in your space — but of course, the lighting itself is what creates the real ambiance.

Feeling inspired? Finish prepping for your post-grad pad with these moving ideas and solutions, then fuel your décor inspiration even further with Target’s fully-immersive 360 degree shoppable rooms. You can also pull inspo based on your own unique taste in décor styles — like modern, luxury & glam, global, or bohemian. Keep in mind that Target updates their assortment frequently, so keep checking back for the latest!


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