The Classroom Habits You Need to Break

Between all the fun nights out with your roommate, campus events, and meeting new people, it’s sometimes easy forgetting the first reason you’re in college—Your education. We don’t mean to kill your vibe or anything, but hey…Your degree is important! With that said, we’re listing off a few classroom habits that are holding you back from making the most of your time (and money!).

Using the max amount of skips.

A lot of students treat “skips” as vacation days. You won’t be penalized for skipping a couple of times, so why not use those days up? It’s totally tempting, we’ll admit! But a lot is covered in just one day of class, so you could be setting yourself up for more stress when exams come along. Plus, don’t forget that you’re paying for each course! Save the skips for when you’re actually sick, or just really need a mental health day.



Relying on the PowerPoint posted online. 

Do you ever skip out on taking notes because the professor mentioned you can find the lessons online? Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for stress. The PowerPoint your professor used may only serve as a brief outline that fails to connect all the pieces that were discussed in class. Plus, writing actually helps your memory retention. So when you do start studying, you’ll already feel more prepared for the exam.


Showing up but not being present. 

This is one that most of us are guilty of, especially in those large lectures where you blend in with a sea of other students. You get to class, mark your attendance, then pull out your phone and zone out for almost the entirety of the lecture. Sound about right? We hear you. There might be a million things you’d rather do in that moment, but—once again—you’re paying for these courses! It’s totally worth tuning in and making the most of the valuable insights your professors are sharing.


Shying away from speaking up.

Okay, okay. We totally understand the crippling fear of raising your hand and speaking in front of a bunch of other people. If you’re not ready to tackle that fear, at least make use of your professor’s office hours where you can pick their brain on all the questions you have about the lessons.

Did we miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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