5 Ways to Speed Up Your Study Session

Nobody wants to study, but it’s something you really can’t avoid (Well…technically you can. But no one wants a failing grade, right?). The good news is, you can avoid study sessions that take up your entire day and night. Check out how we suggest speeding things up below.

1. Tackle all distractions head on.

Yes, all distractions. This means disabling distracting sites on your laptop, temporarily blocking those time-sucking apps off your phone (Sorry, Instagram!), and even using the “do not disturb” option for those friends that text you all the time. It also means finding a quiet and productive location—like the library—where there’s nothing else to do but study.


2. Quiz yourself rather than re-reading your notes.

Quizzing is said to be one of the most effective ways to study. You’re essentially training your mind to recall information the same way you’ll do so on exam day. Practice quizzes also keep you engaged in your study session so you can cover more material in a shorter time, whereas you might easily zone out a hundred times over if you just stick to re-reading your notes.



3. And find your personal most productive studying technique.

You don’t have to only stick to practice quizzes. Try out a few different study methods from time to time, like summarizing, creating mind maps, outlining, etc. Eventually, you’ll get a feel for the method that works best for you—Ideally the one that helps you retain the information the fastest!


4. Don’t cram everything into one session. 

Speeding up your study session is as simple as closing your textbook after 40-50 minutes have passed. No…seriously! You’ll actually retain information better with shorter, spaced-out study sessions rather than long cram sessions. Plus, there’s only so much information your brain can retain at once. If your mind starts wandering, take that as a cue that you need a study break and then get back to work once you’re feeling refreshed and productive again.


5. Get enough sleep.

Did you know that sleep is associated with better memory recall? That means those all-nighters you’re pulling are doing you a disservice—You need sleep! But aside from that fun little fact, it makes sense that you’d focus better when you’re not drowsy and sleep-deprived. Better focus = Faster study sessions.


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